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Senco Sound Co

(Pittsburgh PA USA)

The 1947 Senco Sound Co Tender is believed to be the only item of rolling stock released by Senco, and was designed to be operated with Lionel locomotives. The tender and chassis are heavy metal, and the trucks have brass centre rail contacts. The tender contained a small speaker, which played sound effects. The sound effects were pre recorded on a ten inch 78rpm record, the output from the phonograph being connected to the track via a Senco 'transmitter', and picked up by the tender then played by the speaker within the tender. The tenders were lettered for PRR, and both 2 and 3 rail versions were available.

From the July 2006 issue of Classic Toy Trains magazine :

The Senco line included a Pennsylvania Railroad-style die-cast tender, with a speaker and condenser pack inside; a "mixer" box; a 10-inch, 78-RPM sound effects record; and even a small turntable/phonograph, if the customer didn't already have one. The components could be purchased seperately as needed or as a complete package for $54.45, quite a lot of money in those days.

Senco Sound Co Pittsburgh PA USA
Senco Sound Co Pennsylvania Railroad Tender, issued 1947

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