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J P Richards (1902 - 1999)


J P Richards was raised next to the London and North Western Railway, and began making 33mm scale (exact 0 scale) models of LNWR rolling stock in 1944. By the time he died in 1999, he had built 42 locomotives (all black steam locomotives), 150 passenger carriages (purple and white), and 420 goods wagons (some LNWR and some private-owner) with his own hands, earning the Guinness World Record for most model railway vehicles built by one man. The 612 vehicles are now on display at the National Railway Museum, York, England. As the models are operable but incompatible with the existing 32mm traditional 0 scale model railway, the NRM hopes that it can build a new layout on which it can run the collection.

Many photograps of The J P Richards Collection are available via Facebook.

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