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O Gauge Layout

Commenced January 2006

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A new layout was commenced May 2005, but within a few months was found to be less than perfect, because a lot of good advice was ignored, and, whilst the layout used almost every square inch of available space, it did not allow the operator access to all parts of the layout, or access to wall mounted display shelves.

The train room is 11 feet by 13, and faces roughly north east, which means it receives plenty of sunshine early in the morning, but is the darkest room in the house for the rest of the day. Not a problem for a hobby room. The new layout will utilise most of the boards rescued from the previous effort, and will be ten feet deep, by seven feet wide, thereby allowing access around three sides. The gangways will be a little less than two feet wide, which may not be perfect, but will suffice. Any wider, and the boards would have to be less than seven feet wide - a minimum width required to use 072 track, i.e. a circle of six feet diameter.

The main requirements continue to be :

Loops of low profile 027 track to run early Marx locos, with the huge drive cogs

Larger radius loops of full sized O gauge three rail track

A loop of two rail track, to run both clockwork (mechanical) locos, and Kusan electric locos

The majority of my stock and accessories are of US origin, so an American layout it is to be. Marx and Lionel, together with other, smaller, manufacturers, such as Hafner, Colber and Unique Arts, as well as British and European stock on occasions.

Initial ideas concentrate on two loops of 0 gauge track at baseboard level, two loops of 027 track at a higher level, within the 0 gauge, and a loop of two rail track at a third level.

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