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O Gauge Layout

December 2005

This layout, commenced only seven months ago, is now being dismantled before it goes too far. It is just too large for the space available. There are two major problems :

(A) I cannot reach all areas of the layout, and, needless to say, if a train derails, it is usually somewhere that I cannot reach.

(B) There are wall shelves around the wall, above the layout, and I cannot reach the trains displayed there. Not good!

One further problem is the layout board material, which is not really strong enough to withstand my weight, so I cannot climb onto the layout, which would negate both of the problems above.

The solution? Rebuild the layout, with a central access hatch, and a path around three sides. This will enable me to easily reach any wall shelf, and all parts of the layout.

Yes, the layout will be smaller at approx. seven feet wide by ten feet long, but it will be accessible.

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