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Playmobil Layout

December 2005

Playmobil layout, Christmas 2005

This is James, Christmas morning, playing with his new Playmobil layout. We already had the remote controlled battery operated set, to which Father Christmas has added a conventional 0-4-0 black tank loco, with two red four wheeled coaches. This necessitated the puchase of 'proper' track, on which the tank loco and the battery powered loco both happily run.

Running one track powered train with a battery powered train is great fun, particularly as we now have a total of four passenger coaches, and two freight wagons. The track is brass, identical to LGB, with which it is fully compatible. The Playmobil range is highly recommended for children, and has a huge amount of play value, particularly when combined with the Playmobil road vehicles, figures and other accessories. The large yellow crane in the centre of the picture was also a Christmas present, and is fun to use, transferring loads from road to rail.

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