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Kleeware, O and M Kleemann Ltd

(Welwyn Garden City then County Durham, UK)

O and M Kleemann was set up by Max Kleemann in 1938, producing injection moulded products under the Kabroloid brand. War work soon followed and, post war, the company moved to an ex munitions factory in County Durham, producing plastic products, including toys, using the Kleeware brand. The range of toys was substantial, from dolls and babies, tea sets, road vehicles and a series of Littletown building kits, to suit 0 gauge train layouts.

Kleeware catalogue, year unknown

Kleeware Littletown church kit, ref. 6113

Kleeware Littletown supermarket kit, ref. 6101

Kleeware Littletown bungalow kit, ref. 6110

Kleeware Littletown chemist kit, ref. 6105

Kleeware Littletown cafe and bakery kit, ref. 6106

Kleeware Littletown butcher and grocer kit, ref. 6106

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