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British Bub 0 Gauge


The following notes are courtsey the Train Collectors Society :

The Betal locomotive, a flimsy affair numbered 2546, with lots of pipework printed on, and their red and cream coach were originally made by/for British Bub and are marked KB British Made. Dunham and White, who probably did the manufacturing, then sold them until the war marked D/W, the D and W being interlinked with an arrow. Ater the war the tooling was sold to Betal.

The locomotives were numbered 2546 and available in several colours including red, blue, light green and dark green, and a rare example in brown is known to exist. A tender with number 2546 was also made.

Pre war the little coaches were available as Pullmans. These have been reported in brown and cream livery with a red roof, named Venice, Monte Carlo, Rome and Monaco, and in blue and cream with a brown roof named Seville and Alicante.

Betal also made a crude tank engine version of their loco with an electric motor and a green 4-4-0 locomotive 3063 with British Railways on the boiler and an LNER tender. The loco is marked as Betal Product, Made in England. This came in a boxed set with coaches. The box lid either showed an LNER express with an A3 Flying Scotsman type on the front or a boy with an elaborate figure of eight layout running goods and passenger trains.

Betal also made a buff unlettered open wagon of continental appearance, (marked British Made), at least one type of open in buff marked National Collieries and several cement wagons marked red circle and green circle, unmarked.

Woolworths, the main outlet for many cheap trains did not allow manufactureres to display trademarks on their products sold via Woolworths.

From references in the TCS index under Bub, Dunham and White and Betal, the only references to British Bing confirms a statement that they only made a small 0-4-0 tender loco with a coach and Passenger brake van in LNER livery. Some tie up with Bassett Lowke is hypothesised to produce a cheap train set not suitable for marketing as a Bassett Lowke product.

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