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(Tri-ang) Spot On

Made in England

Reference : Spot On Range

Spot On models by Tri-ang were introduced in 1960, the first model being the Ford Zodiac, and were available for seven years only, the last model being introduced in 1967. The models were unusual at the time, all models and accessories being to a constant scale of 1:42, which also made them almost perfect for use with British 1:43 scale 0 gauge model railways.

Gift and Presentation Sets

Tri-ang Spot On Gift Set A
Comprising Bentley (grey), Jaguar (red), Austin A40 (blue/grey)), BMW Isetta (blue) and Triumph TR3 (green)

Tri-ang Spot On 702 Set
Comprising Ford Zephyr (red), Austin 1800 (blue) with Dinghy on Trailer and Morris 1100 (pale blue) with kayak
Image credit Vectis Auctions

Tri-ang Spot On PS4A Sports Cars Gift Set
Comprising Austin Healey (yellow), Triumph TR3 (pale blue), Jaguar XK SS (green) and MGA (red)