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Reference : Skybirds

Best known for their ranges of ship models and 1/72 model aircraft kits, Skybirds also produced a range of military vehicles and associated personnel. Interestingly, Skybirds was part of the same firm (A J Holliday) which produced the Givjoy range of wooden and cast toys.

The Skybirds name was reintroduced by Tim and Janet Humphries in 2015, reproducing original Skybirds military vehicles and figures, together with new models very much in the style of the originals. Having purchased various figures, I am delighted to say Tim and Janet are lovely people, and the figures are superb, and an excellent accompanyment to pre 1964 Dinky military vehicles.

Skybirds Civil Air-Line Personnel, scale 1/72

Givjoy Aircraft Hanger, 12 by 8 inches

Skybirds Howitzer, scale 1/43

Skybirds Military Truck, scale 1/43