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Tri-ang Minic Tinplate Clockwork Models

Made in England

Reference : Tri-ang Minic

Reference : Tri-ang Minic

The Tri-ang Minic range of tinplate clockwork powered road vehicles was launched in 1935, M catalogue numbers, with some, the ME models, fitted with electric lights. Broadly, earlier vehicles were fitted with white tyres, with black tyres following late pre war. All post war issues were fitted with black tyres. Petrol cans were fitted to the second (pre war) series of vehicles. Post war, the Minic name was also applied to pressed steel and plastic vehicles. Reference The Minic Book by Peter Bartok, published by New Cavendish Books, 1987.

Plastic Vehicles

Tri-ang Minic 3031 Plastic Clockwork Powered Riley Saloon Car

Tri-ang Minic 3133 Plastic Clockwork Powered Riley Police Car

Tri-ang Minic 3168 Plastic Clockwork Powered Post Office Telephones Morris Van