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Pixyland (Locarno) Kew (Ku-Zu, Modlet, Whipsnade, Tattoo)

Made in England

Reference : Pixyland Kew

Pixyland (who used the brand name Locarno) and Kew (who used the brand names Ku-Zu, Modlet, Whipsnade and Tattoo) began life as separate and unrelated entities in the 1920s, although later merged, around +/-1930. The amalgamated firm disappeared after WWII, with some models subsequently released by Timpo.

Pixyland Kew Hunt Figures and Dogs, scale 1/32

Pixyland Kew Stag, scale 1/32

Pixyland Kew Butcher Figure with Knife, scale 1/32

Pixyland Kew Lawn Mower, scale 1/32

Pixyland Kew Figure with Roller, scale 1/32