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Dinky Toys


Some delightful Dinky Diorames found on the web. These are all believed to be the creation of David Busfield, ex editor of the DTCA Journal, and author of the splendid book Dinky Toys A Pictorial Record, which should be owned and enjoyed by every Dinky enthusiast. The book was created using images from David's collection and that of the late Graham de Chastelain, who will be known to many, not least for his Bassett-Lowke collection and book.

Dinky RAMC Ambulance Depot

Dinky Military Camp

Dinky Field Dressing Station

Dinky Building Site

Dinky Commercial Site

Dinky Farm

Dinky Motor Race with BBC TV Crew

Dinky Street Scene

Dinky Fire Station

Dinky Timber Yard

Dinky Bus Station

Dinky Commercial Garage and Camp Site

French Dinky Military Depot

Dublo Dinky Goods Yard Scene