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Dinky Toys

Code 3, Reproduction and Restoration Models

There seems to be some controvesy over the term Code 3. For the purposes of this site, Code 1 is a model as supplied by the factory. Code 2 is supplied, usually unfinished, by the factory, then finished by a third party, with factory approval. Code 3 is any model that has been changed after issue. Change may be alternative paint or transfers (decals), or a physical rebuild to create something not produced by the factory, but usually 'in the style' of the factory, or any combination thereof.

Reproductions are just that. Reproductions of an older model, sometimes as a casting, sometimes white metal or pewter, or resin, sometimes painted and finished, sometimes not. Sometimes as a kit.

Restorations are usually older models in poor condition that have been restored, usually using one or more modern replacement parts. Paint and transfers may be as factory, or an alternative, although an alternative finish becomes a Code 3 model.


Dinky 28a Type 1 Van, Hornby livery

Dinky 31 Holland Coachcraft Van, special issue by DTCA

Dinky 161a Searchlight Lorry
Built from a white metal kit, issued early 2000s

Dinky 162b Ammunition Trailer, white metal kit

Code 3

Dinky 972 20 Ton Lorry Mounted Crane in British Railways livery

Dinky 971 Mobile Crane in Post Office Telephones livery

Dinky 930 Bedford Pallet Jekta Van with Matching Trailer (both repainted)

Dinky 260 Morris Royal Mail Van repainted in Atco livery

Dinky 174 Ford Mercury Cougar wearing OHMSS Ice Race livery, complete with appropriate box