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Shire Albums, UK

This page seems to have expanded to include most toy related Shire albums, although remains a tiny percentage of the entire Shire range, which comprises some 800 titles, an illustrated list of which may be viewed at the Bloomsbury site.

Toy Trains, David Salisbury

Dinky Toys, David Cook

Corgi Toys, David Cook

Matchbox Toys, Nick Jones

Tri-ang Toys, Kenneth Brown

TV Toys, Anthony A McGoldrick

Meccano, Roger Marriott

Constructional Toys, Basil Harley

Toy Boats, Basil Harley

Optical Toys, Basil Harley

Model Steam Engines, Bob Gordon

Toy Steam Engines, Bob Gordon

Toy Steam Accessories, Marcus Rooks

Building Toys, Brian Salter

Airfix Kits, Trevor Pask

Scalextric, Jon Mountfort

Toy Soldiers, James Opie

The British Toy Industry, Kenneth Brown

Old Toys, Pauline Flick

Dolls, Caroline G Goodfellow

Dolls' Houses, Halina Pasierbska

Dolls' House Furniture, Halina Pasierbska